Vodafone Ghana Electrifies Telecommunication Industry with “Ekiki Mi” Promo

Vodafone Ghana has taken the telecommunication industry by storm with its triple value scratch promotion dubbed ‘Ekiki-mi’ in Accra.

“Ekiki Mi” (I feel electrified), which is an exciting and unprecedented opportunity Vodafone is giving to its customers is to engage more with their close friends and family.

Agnes Emefa Essah, Director of Marketing at Vodafone Ghana noted in an interview “For any credit card you buy – from GHS2 onward – you can share it with two other friends or family members and they will enjoy the same value as you.

“All you need to do is load your credit dialing *134* – your PIN – and the # sign…after you have done that, you can now give the recharge card to two other persons who will dial *135*-the PIN – and the # sign and receive the same value.

“This is an unbeatable offer and for us, it is an avenue to continue displaying our essence as a Super Net – a brand with the ability to empower you to stand out all the time.

Vodafone’s household image as an innovative brand has once again come to the fore and it will only get better,” she added.

According to the telecommunication giant, Ekiki Mi is essentially to generate excitement among its customer base and to make talking and browsing easier and convenient for all customers.

“Ekiki Mi”, which is expected to run for two months, is purely giving and building excitement among Vodafone customer base.

Madam Emefa Essah noted, “Rewarding customers are intrinsic to what we stand for as a customer obsessed brand; and this is the latest addition to our portfolio of exciting deliverables that continue to give.

Now you know what to do; reach out and get a recharge card now and FEEL ELECTRIFIED!!


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