Six steps to initiate good sex

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Why do people shy away from talking publicly about something they love to do in  the  private? Yes! It is considered SACRED and PERSONAL by some religions and  races yet with the growth and advancement  in technology and ways of doing things in this 21st century, it is prudent to talk about it (SEX).

Sex goes beyond just sexual intercourse involving the penetration of a Penis into a Vagina. It also includes the acts     of kissing, caressing, cuddling and oral sex, though you can also have sex with yourself- masturbation.

Sexuality is a central part of human life: it is a normal and positive way to express oneself. Can you recall how confident you  were after that hot, spicy and sweet experience? That’s what SEX can do to your self-esteem when handled properly.

People tend to get worried about the fact that they don’t know how to please their partners yet: sex is not only about the right technique, it is important to pay attention to the feelings and wishes of your partner, share intimacy and create the right atmosphere.

If you’re not sex conscious or the shy type to initiate the act of intimacy, here are a few tips to help you out…..

Beauty it is said lies in the eyes of the beholder, but keeping a constant eye contact with your partner is a way of getting the man into you. Try not to blink and look the man in the eye and you’ll be surprised at the work your eyes can do.

Smell can either attract or propel someone to keep their distance. It is not easy to be conscious of your breath but making it  a habit will go a long way to keep your partner close by more often. Try to pick your teeth after eating and always keep a mint with you as possible.

My ladies, while you try to keep a fresh breath, endeavor to keep the temple (vagina and between the thighs) clean as well. What joy and pride will it be for your man to tell you BABE, YOU SMELL GOOD.

Still on smell, try not to make advances towards your partner when you’re all sweaty.  Sweat can irritate the skin though yours may not smell.

Identifying and playing around your  partner’s soft points can render your advances a success. Though it is peculiar to every individual, for women, it may be her hair, her neck, her waist or even her palm.

One funny revelation about getting your  partner into the mood is the act of being RESTLESS.  Interesting right? Just be sure to be somehow comfortable whether you’re  seated or lying down and you’ll be sure  he/she will walk up to you and things will fall in place.

Naughty talks have proven to be effective here. Engage your partner in talking about issues concerning SEX- your last sex encounter and how fun it was, talk about how itchy your honey pot is or how erect your nipples are. For my men, you’re mostly believed to be the initiators but in case you can’t, just tell her which styles you’ll  love best to  try with her: be it Doggy, Missionary. ..

Any how you’ll want to have it with your partner, always ensure consent is sort so as  you both can flow passionately and climax together.

To make your sex life last and enjoyable, know the desires of your partner and work towards bringing on board new things to spice up your sex life.

A woman’s need changes as she grows and I doubt you’ll be willing to let her age and not yearn for you in bed. LOOK SHARP.

Appreciation is a way of showing gratitude to someone who offers you something. Yet, one common mistake made by most people  in relationships is the fact that they don’t  appreciate their partners after having sex.

Always learn to say thank you to your partner after every bit of fun.

By: Thelma Doeyo Amatey



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